The InspectionWare NDT Suite

IW Scan manages your setup and collects data from a wide variety of popular NDT instruments.

IW Evaluate imports a wide variety of data types for analysis with intuitive measurement tools and customized reporting.

IW Plan maps out scan lines on imported CAD models, for easy creation and editing of scan path programs.

IW Automate integrates your NDT system with factory databases, PLCs and robots.

Suites contain four applications that work together as if they are one. Yet, suites also provide a way to make software changes without requiring system recertification. You can now incrementally improve an inspection process without destabilizing inspection quality.

Here’s how it works. Applications such as IW Scan or IW Evaluate can run with approved release versions, thereby satisfying the requirements of auditors. At the same time, the applications IW Plan and IW Automate can be reconfigured as needed to incrementally improve your inspection process. This flexibility is vital in rapidly improving factory environments.