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The UTEX Pendant
Manually control the speed or position of any axis.

See our Pendant in action See our Pendant in action

Spin objects such as billets on a horizontal axis underwater.

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Gimbal Manipulator
Position transducers at precise angles underwater.

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Submersible Encoder
Measure the precise rotation angle of objects underwater.

See our Submersible Encoder in action

Spin objects such as forgings on a vertical axis underwater.

Noise Free Power Supplies
Supply motor amplifiers without generating RF interference.

Pipeline Scanner Drive
Drive a one-axis pipe scanner without generating RF interference.

The above system components perform challenging and important work. They include: machines that must function for years with high accuracy under water, interfaces that simplify how humans control machines and motion electronics quiet enough for inspections at high gains.

Our components are available to both system integrators and end users. They are an integral part of our new systems and provide substantial value for retrofitted systems.