Peak NDT
Advanced Phased Array, Dynamic Range Expansion, FMC/TFM and conventional instruments

Air coupled ultrasound including phased array

Industrial Phased Array and High Dynamic Range

Tecnatom Sonia
High power, wide dynamic range through transmission

TD Focus Scan
Industrial Phased Array and FMC/TFM

Ritec Inc.
High power through transmission TTU instruments

Difficult inspections often require instruments with significant power, dynamic range, durability, compactness, etc. The brands listed above offer ultrasonic instruments with at least one unique capability such as Air Coupled UT, FMC/TFM, Tone burst output or fanless waterproof packaging.

If you own one of these instruments, it is likely already supported on InspectionWare. They are good candidates for new or retrofitted systems. You can also purchase them as part of a system directly from UTEX or from one of our system integrators.